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Founded in 2020 to serve the Oklahoma City metro area fresh, affordable, nutritious food and create a family-friendly space for the community to experience and learn about sustainable, economically viable, and environmentally friendly food production practices.

We are committed to:

Our Farm

We have the privilege of stewarding just under 12 acres of beautiful Oklahoma land. We will continually tend and improve it to the best of our ability.

  1. Respect and utilize nature's life cycles and seasonality to improve soil quality and the health of our plants and animals to produce nutritious and delicious food.

  2. Increase biodiversity for improved health of natural 'feedback' loops and disease-free production.

  3. Learn and implement practices to encourage conservation of our natural resources and minimize off-farm inputs.

  4. Elevate beauty in form and function through our land and all that we produce.

  5. Welcome visitors to promote transparency in our practices and develop an increased understanding of local food production.


Our Team

Land only becomes a farm when it has a farmer. The health, wellbeing, work-life balance, and development of our farmers are top priorities.

  1. Cultivate healthy working relationships between team members through open, honest, and joyful communication.

  2. Establish and encourage a healthy work-life balance that creates time and space for our team members to spend with their loved ones.

  3. Create an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged, learning is constant, knowledge is openly shared, and work is enjoyed with laughter and humor.

  4. Understand our team is comprised of competent, trustworthy individuals with different bases of knowledge who can make informed decisions.

  5. Promote a sense of wonder and appreciation for the land we are cultivating.


Our Community

As residents of OKC, we are committed to being engaged neighbors who positively contribute to the overall vitality of the greater OKC area.

  1. Develop local food resilience, connect people to local food supply, and educate the community on the benefits of small-scale farming.

  2. Strive to nutritionally enhance the OKC metro food supply and seek out intentional ways to make food available to all.

  3. Build relationships through respectful and clear communication, education, and participation.

  4. Prioritize partnerships with local peoples and enterprises.


Our Business

In order to be a long-lasting farm, we employ sound business practices in conjunction with good farming practices. 

  1. Minimize all forms of capital waste and creatively use resources to strategically develop multiple income streams to generate cash flow and eventually become debt free.

  2. Balance production, soil integrity, and costs to achieve sustainable local production while providing meaningful income.

  3. Continuously adapt to the changing world by listening to customer feedback, adjusting production systems, and thoughtfully pursuing ideas to improve the farm.

  4. Document planning, procedures, and results in order to utilize accurate data to make well-informed decisions.

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